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Galeries Lafayette


If you're desperately searching for a high-end luxury watch, or if you want to access private lounge of the most exclusive brands worldwide, you just have to contact your personal LXRY consultant. We'll take care of everything, because your time is precious, that's why we help you saving it. 


VIP LXRY consultant

You're desperately searching for an high end watch, a new luxury colthing brand special piece or limited series jewelry just contact your personal LXRY consultant and let him bring  it directly to your door...


VIP Lounge

Get direct access to luxury brands private lounge. Experience a new level of shopping,  behind the discreet, unmarked doors leading to the private salons and VIP suites.


Book a complete store

During one hour or for a complete night you 'll be the only customer in the store you choose. All the employees will be dedicated to you, your family and your friends..


50 avenue Marceau 

75008 Paris

+33 970 405 722


Millbank Tower, 21 24, London SW1P 4QP, UK

+44 20 8144 8234


500 Terry Francois St.
San Francisco, CA 94158

+ 1(786) 753-8484

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